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Team Ho & Chan Champions – TPS Climate Debates a Success!

31 Mar

101_0243 Yesterday, March 30th, Kerr’s Green Debate team hosted its largest “The People Speaks” Public Forum Climate Debates sponsored by the United Nation’s Foundation and BP A+ for Energy. Twelve freshmen and sophomores of Kerr’s Green Debate Team competed all afternoon for the coveted final two spots to educated our community on the issues of climate change and to answer the question, “Do Developed Countries have a higher obligation to combat climate change.”

The freshmen team of Brian Ng and Jay Meza were narrowly squeezed out by sophmore Almayra Porratta-Doria and freshman Dennis Chau, who competed against sophomore Nicholas Chan and freshman Jessie Ho. Our esteemed judges panel for the Finals of the Public Debates, included our Alief School Board President, Sarah Winkler, and School Board Secretary, Dr. John Hansen, and our very own Mr. Lowery. After a round of questions from the judges, Dr. Hansen, a former debater himself, said a few words, then announced the winning team as that of Chan-Ho to take home the Grand Championship for this great event. Al finalist received beautiful IDEA Debate Medals.

As a part of our culminating activities with this years BP A+ for Energy Project, the team also gave cash scholarship awards to our local artist that participated in our Alternative Energy Art Contest. Three artist works that were used in promoting the debates on T-shirts and posters, along with the program took home $400 in scholarship money.

The night ended with Coach Davis presenting Principal Raymond Lowery with a pledge donation for $200 to purchase the memorial plaque for Mrs. Mullins dedication of the Kerr Tranquility Garden which will take place in May.

Many stayed afterwards to congratulate our debaters and artist and it turned our to be a great community affair. Special thanks to Alief Fine Arts Director, Sarah Chapmanm, who was also an honored guest and to every parent and student that made this a night to remember.

– The Green Debate Team


Kerr Qualifys 2 to NFL Congress Nationals!

16 Mar
Alief Wins 3 of 4 Congress Spots for Nationals!

Alief Wins 3 of 4 Congress Spots for Nationals!

Alief Kerr won big this pas weekend at Space City’s District National Qualifyer in Student Congress. Although, Kerr has been the only Space City school, out of thirty, to qualify at least one representative to Congress NFL Nationals every year for the last four years, this was the first time that they won both of the top spots in the House of Representatives.
Joshua Tang won 1st Place and Ainee Athar took 2nd place in the House and will represent Kerr High and Space City in the NFL National Congress this upcoming June in Birmingham, Alabama. Ainee was one of he first TFA qualifyers in the Houston area for TFA, and Joshua Tang advanced to Semi-finals in Congress this past summer at NFL Natioanals.
Alief as a whole did outstanding as each school had representatives in the House Supercongress making up 12 of the 18 spots in the Finals. Kerr sophmore Nicholas Chan made finals in his first attempt at congress competition, along with Micheal Kebede, a former Kerr Nationals competitor. Elsik had five finalist, along with Hastings, and of course Alief Taylor’s Rep. Thompson took 2nd place in the Senate, qualifying for Nationals.