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Kerr Congresswoman Takes 11th in Nation at NFL Nationals – Introduces Bill on Climate Change

24 Jun

000_0043During the week June 13th, Kerr Debate had their second ever finalist at the National Tournament, hosted in Birmingham, Alabama by the National Forensics League. The first NFL finalist was Koplan Nwabaku, who placed 11th in the nation in Coach Davis’s first year with the team.  Four years later, including becoming the only Space City school to qualify at least one, and most often two congress national qualifiers, lightning has struck again.

Kerr Student Congress participant Ainee Athar ranked 11th in the nation. On top of that, a piece of legislation that she had drafted on the importance of promoting plant based diets to deter global warming was on the nationals docket, meaning thousands of students gained insight into Kerr’s advocacy of creatively combating climate change.

Ainee and other Kerr congressmen were key in writing climate and energy issue legislation, thanks to a grant by BP Energy, which were adopted by the TFA, which means that legislation will be debated by all Texas congressmen and women in the 2009-1020 season.

Kerr is always looking for young people that want to get involved in a real way, so make sure to contact Coach Davis for details on how you can become the next representative at NFL Nationals.