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NFL Districts at Space City

17 Apr
Jessie Ho and Nicholas Chan qualified for Nationals in CX Debate

Congratulations to Jessie Ho and Nicholas Chan who qualified for nationals at the Space City NFL Districts Tornament!

A special thanks to Coach Davis and Coach Harrison for making this event possible.

Alliance for Climate Change to Speak at Kerr High

11 Apr

Last October, members of the Green Squad and The Green Debate Team took part in the International 350 day to bring awareness of the dangers of climate change to our world. It was there that we met members of The Alliance for Climate Change which is a non-profit association dedicated to “educate, inspire and activate students to curb climate change and its effects, because we believe young adults can make a meaningful impact now.”

The students and sponsors from both groups were blown away by their efforts and quality school wide presentations, so it is with great excitement that we announce that they will be appearing at Kerr High School on Tues, April 13th in order to present a school wide assembly on Climate awareness as part of the National Education Climate Awareness Week, April 11-17th.

All freshmen and seniors will be attending 1st Period and sophomores and juniors will attend 2nd period.

Topics of the Presentation will include:

The Climate Situation
Potential Consequences of Climate Change
Solutions: Imagine a Different Future
Solutions: Creating a Cleaner, Brighter Future

For more information about The Alliance for Climate Change, check out their site at: