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**Reminder Permission Slips**

26 Oct

This is a reminder to those who would like to attend the Clear Lake TFA Tournament:

If you want to ensure you have a spot then be sure to get your permission slips in TOMORROW, OCT. 25 and turn in all of your money by THURSDAY OCT. 28!!!!

Dont be late!!


Hastings – Westside “Into the Woods” Tournament

26 Oct

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Congratulations to all those who placed at the Hastings – Westside “Into the Woods” Tournament!!

A Special Thanks goes out to Coach Davis and Coach Harrison for making this tournament possible

Eco Prisons

25 Oct

For most of us, being Eco-friendly is a matter of choice. Now if we choose to or choose not to would be all up to us. For many others though, being green simply isn’t a choice, its more of a mandate by the law. What am I talking about? Why they’re environmentally friendly prisons, thats what. It is stated by Andrew Schenkel, “Thanks to some unique approaches, prisoners aren’t in that group. In fact, the greening of prisons is not only good for the environment, it can also be a good for the economy and a healthy aspect of the rehabilitation process.Having eco-friendly ran prisons allow an opportunity to maintain order, and helps the environment over all. Lets look at the Butner Federal Prison in Otisville, N.C, it was the first ever prison to be officially certified for LEED lighting in the United States. How about, Monroe Correctional Complex in Monroe, Wash. , where it is stated, “For $39 million, the state equipped the 200-person facility with a rainwater collection system for toilet-flushing water and low-energy lighting.” How about, Cedar Creek Corrections Center in Littlerock, Wash. “About 60 inmates at the Washington state medium security facility are selected to participate in a program in which they compost the prison’s food waste, grow organic vegetables, collect rainwater for gardens, raise bees, and hand-sort recyclables.” It’s pretty cool how even in a place for conduct reconstruction there are opportunities to being eco-friendly. 🙂

-Tiffany Thai