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Bay City High School “Dungeoneers” Tournament!

5 Dec

This past weekend the KHS Speech and Debate Team atteneded the Bay City High School “Dungeoneers” Tournament! Congratulations to all Debaters and IE’rs!

The results are as follows:

Dennis Chau- 1st LD

Ashti Zaidi- 1st NLD

Princess Adentan- 2nd NLD

Hamaad Markhiani – 1st NX

Denny Dramkin Р1st N. Impromtu

Jamarcus Lacy- 1st NPO

Hamaad Markhiani, Kim Nguyen, Jennifer Ho, Trinh Nguyen,  Funmi Amubieya- 2nd Group improv

Nick Chan- 1st FX

-1st Varsity Prose

-3rd Student Congress

-Student Congress State Qual

Cameron Clark- Congress State points

Denny Dramkin- Congress State points

Christine Umeh- 1st PF

-State Qualed

Funmi Amubieya- 1st PF

-State Qualed

Jesse Anyalebechi- 2nd NCX

Sammy Gong- 2nd NCX

Congratulations to the team as well for winning over all 1st Place in Sweeps!! Great Job guys!

A Special Thanks to Coaches Davis and Harrrison for making this tournament possible and a success!