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Alief Taylor High School Tournament

28 Dec

The Kerr Speech and Debate team traveled across the street to its sister school, Alief Taylor High School, for a tournament. Despite the tough competition, they received 3rd place sweeps! Congratulations to everyone that competed! The results for the tournnament are:

-Jesse Anyalebechi and Huy (Phil) Pham        Quarter Finalist Varsity CX

-Denny Dramkin                                                         4th Varsity Student Congress

-Cameron Clark-                                                         4th Foriegn Extemporaneous

-Kyndahal Stewart                                                     4th Novice Poetry Interpretation

-Maithy Tran                                                                4th Novice Prose Interpretation

-Tony Luu and Krystal Uchem                              2nd Novice CX

-Kelly Chung and Christian Macedo                    7th DUO

-Emily Nguyen                                                             1st Novice Lincoln Douglas Bebate

-Tam Tran                                                                       1st Humorous Interpretation

-Alex Vinh                                                                      2nd Humorous Interpretation

-Tam Tran and Alex  Vinh                                        1st Duet Acting  and 1st DUO

Thank you to Coach Davis and Coach Harrison for making the tournament so successful!


Katy Taylor High School Tournament

27 Dec

The Katy Taylor High School Tournament was one of our toughest tournaments. We competed against over 40 school and still did exceptionally well. Congratulations to all competitors especially:

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-Emily Nguyen                                               2nd Novice Lincon Douglas Debate

-Roukaya Mabizari                                       5th Novice Poetry

-Morgayn Chadwick                                    4th Novice Prose

-Krystal Uchem                                              6th Dramatic Interpretation

-Tony Luu and Krystal Uchem                3rd Novice CX Policy Debate

-Alex Vinh                                                       7th Varsity Prose and 5th HI

-Tam Tran and Alex Vinh                         3rd Duet Acting and 5th in DUO

Thank you to Coach Davis and Coach Harrison for leading us through this challenging tournament!

South Houston High School Tournament

26 Dec

We traveled to Coach Davis’s old high school for a tournament and came home with the 1st place sweepstakes trophy! Our team members did really well especially our LD’rs. Kerr finalist were:

-Jun Tan                                                              2nd Novice Prose

-Kyndhal Stewart                                            5th Novice Poetry

-Jun Tan and Kyndhal Stewart                  2nd Novice Public Forum Debate

-Roukaya Mabazari                                        4th Novice Poetry

-Julie Nguyen                                                   2nd Novice Poetry

-Emily Nguyen                                                 1st Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate

-Mohit Agarwal                                                4th Varsity Student Congress and 6th FX

-Jamarcus Lacy                                                8th-Varsity Student Congress

-Cameron Clark                                                 1st FX

-Cameron Clark and Tiffany Thai               2nd Varsity CX Policy Debate

-Princess Adentan                                           2nd- Champion Lincoln Douglas Debate

-Tuong-Phi (Phi-Phi) Le                                4th Varsity Original Oratory

-Ayman Bakhit                                                  1st  Humorous Interpretation

-Christian Macedo                                           4th Varsity Poetry

-Kelly Chung and Cristian Macedo           4th- Duet Acting

-Alex Vinh                                                          4th Varsity Prose

-Tam Tran                                                           6th Humorous Interpretation

-Tam Tran and Alex Vinh                            3rd DUO and 2nd Duet Acting

It was a great tournament overall. Congratulations to everyone and thank you to Coach Davis and Coach Harrison!

Alief Elsik High School Tournament

26 Dec

The first tournament of the season was very successful. Our competitors took home many trophies and earned state points. Kerr also received 2nd place sweeps. Congratulations to all debaters and IE’rs, especially:

-Samira Khan                                                             1st Novice Poetry Interpretation

-Tuong-Phi (Phi-Phi) Le                                        5th Novice Original Oratory

-Sameer Agha and Tony Luu                              2nd Novice CX Policy Debate

-Julie Nguyen                                                           6th Novice Poetry Interpretation

-Kyndahal Stewart                                                  5th Novice Poetry Interpretation

-Junyuan Tan                                                            3rd Novice Prose Interpretation

-Huy (Phil) Pham                                                     6th-Novice Extemporaneous

-James Uchem and Krystal Uchem                  1st Novice CX Policy Debate

-Mohit Agarwal                                                         7th Varsity Student Congress

-Tiffany Thai and Huy (Phil) Pham                    3rd Varsity CX Policy Debate

-Jesse Anyalebechi and Cameron Clark          3rd-Varsity CX Policy Debate

-Denny Dramkin                                                        8th Varsity Student Congress

-Haley Harrison and Cristian Macedo           6th Duet Acting and 6th DUO

-Tam Tran and Alex Vinh                                      4th Duet Acting and 2nd DUO

Thanks to Coach Davis and Coach Harrison for making the first tournament of the year so successful!