South Houston High School Tournament

26 Dec

We traveled to Coach Davis’s old high school for a tournament and came home with the 1st place sweepstakes trophy! Our team members did really well especially our LD’rs. Kerr finalist were:

-Jun Tan                                                              2nd Novice Prose

-Kyndhal Stewart                                            5th Novice Poetry

-Jun Tan and Kyndhal Stewart                  2nd Novice Public Forum Debate

-Roukaya Mabazari                                        4th Novice Poetry

-Julie Nguyen                                                   2nd Novice Poetry

-Emily Nguyen                                                 1st Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate

-Mohit Agarwal                                                4th Varsity Student Congress and 6th FX

-Jamarcus Lacy                                                8th-Varsity Student Congress

-Cameron Clark                                                 1st FX

-Cameron Clark and Tiffany Thai               2nd Varsity CX Policy Debate

-Princess Adentan                                           2nd- Champion Lincoln Douglas Debate

-Tuong-Phi (Phi-Phi) Le                                4th Varsity Original Oratory

-Ayman Bakhit                                                  1st  Humorous Interpretation

-Christian Macedo                                           4th Varsity Poetry

-Kelly Chung and Cristian Macedo           4th- Duet Acting

-Alex Vinh                                                          4th Varsity Prose

-Tam Tran                                                           6th Humorous Interpretation

-Tam Tran and Alex Vinh                            3rd DUO and 2nd Duet Acting

It was a great tournament overall. Congratulations to everyone and thank you to Coach Davis and Coach Harrison!


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