Alief Taylor High School Tournament

28 Dec

The Kerr Speech and Debate team traveled across the street to its sister school, Alief Taylor High School, for a tournament. Despite the tough competition, they received 3rd place sweeps! Congratulations to everyone that competed! The results for the tournnament are:

-Jesse Anyalebechi and Huy (Phil) Pham        Quarter Finalist Varsity CX

-Denny Dramkin                                                         4th Varsity Student Congress

-Cameron Clark-                                                         4th Foriegn Extemporaneous

-Kyndahal Stewart                                                     4th Novice Poetry Interpretation

-Maithy Tran                                                                4th Novice Prose Interpretation

-Tony Luu and Krystal Uchem                              2nd Novice CX

-Kelly Chung and Christian Macedo                    7th DUO

-Emily Nguyen                                                             1st Novice Lincoln Douglas Bebate

-Tam Tran                                                                       1st Humorous Interpretation

-Alex Vinh                                                                      2nd Humorous Interpretation

-Tam Tran and Alex  Vinh                                        1st Duet Acting  and 1st DUO

Thank you to Coach Davis and Coach Harrison for making the tournament so successful!


One Response to “Alief Taylor High School Tournament”

  1. Shaquille Johnson February 26, 2012 at 4:21 am #

    This is strange. You have Extempt split into foreign and domestic categories. Wouldn’t foreign be more challenging since it covers a wider range of topics and countries than domestic?

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