Kerr Speech & Debate Membership:

Students of all grade levels are allowed to join if they maintain a 2.0 GPS and should not have ‘U”s in conduct. If either of these occur, that member will be put on probation and may be suspended if not improved by next report card. Students are not allowed to attend tournaments if they are not currently eligible according to UIL guidelines. Eligibility is determined by the 9 weeks grade, not the average. Attempting to compete if not eligible may result from expulsion from the club. Competitors become life time members of the NFL once they accrue 25 degrees and pay a one time $15 membership fee. This also allows that competitor to compete for the NFL national qualifier in the Spring. Members that meet all requirements throughout the year will be considered for travel, UIL, and NFL squads. The Coach is responsible for choosing competitors for any tournaments and for disciplining all members, but the officers can make non-binding recommendations.



All officers are to uphold the highest standards of the club. This includes, but is not limited to, performing all jobs of the office as needed and to guide the club in competition and recruit and motivate other members. Grades and leadership is a must. Leading practices and planning events of the club are also essential. Speech Officers are to model superior ethics and performance for all members and will be held to that standard. 


Coach Davis:

Derek Davis is an NFL Outstanding Distinction Speech and Debate coach and Director of Debate for the highly successful Alief Kerr Debate team in Houston Texas. Mr. Davis graduated from Texas A&M in 1994, and has taught English, Social Studies, and Speech and Debate classes and judging competitive debate at both local, State, and the National level for the last fifteen years. In the last four years, his competitors have consistently qualified for UIL & TFA State and NFL National competitions. His novices repeatedly have closed out finals at tournaments and his varsity debaters have won tournament and second place finishes in five tournaments this year alone. Along with competitive debate, Davis has coached winning Academic Current Events teams to UIL State and has written competitive grants for his teams, including the prestigious BP A+ for Energy grant which has allowed his policy teams to better study and debate energy issues in our world. Mr. Davis believes that anyone can and should learn how to debate in order to find their own voice in life.



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